Meet Robyn

Are you ready to live your ideal life?  

Do you have a business to build, but no energy to build it?

Are you searching for more time in each day just to make ends meet?

Is it time to bump your lifestyle up, up, up to new heights that you have only dreamed of?

Didn’t think it was possible for you?  I’ll show you how.  Together, we’ll bring out the best version of you.  You do have time for yourself, for your family, for your business.  I coach incredible clients toward what’s possible for them.  Are you ready?  The time for you is now! 

As a Business Coach, I work with you to re-create your vision of how life looks.  You will get more clients.  You will make more money.  You will feel energetic and alive again.  You will have more time for the people and activities that matter to you most.  I will show you how your business fits into that vision with room left over to breathe.  You can take care of yourself and your family – even better than you do now.  You will have it all.  Working with me, you’ll even have fun getting there.

A bit about me?  I created a life for myself that looks like the one in my imagination.  Yes, I am a Coach, and I am also an attorney who spent many years in a busy law practice living a stress-filled lifestyle.  During my law career, I was appointed to state-wide committees, and I have a published Appellate Opinion.  I counseled many corporate clients and shaped decisions of large businesses.  Along the way, I realized that these were not my only  life goals.  In my free time, I volunteered as legal adviser and camp counselor for children with cancer at The Valerie Fund’s Camp Happy Times.  I also volunteered at a bereavement camp, Comfort Zone Camp, for children who lost a parent or family member.

Making a difference in the lives of others is what brings happiness to my world.  The time for change had come. 

Now I am thrilled to  work with amazing Health Coaches who are ready to get bigger business results, get more clients and make more money, using an individualized step-by-step approach.  While growing my coaching business, I also made time to volunteer as a Coach with Girls On The Run where I taught young girls life skills that boost their confidence and self esteem.  Most recently, I became a WHITEWATER KAYAKER!  That’s right, on a volunteer journey with young adults who have survived cancer, we learned to navigate the rapids together.    Are you starting to see what’s possible for you?

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical business building methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized health coaching business that suits your unique talents, lifestyle, preferences and income goals.

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Robyn is a deeply caring and no nonsense coach who respectfully and professionally supports you in achieving your goals.  She has a keen ability to listen to and quickly evaluate your needs.  Then by using skillful coaching tools, she reflects your concerns and wishes back to you in a way that you help yourself overcome roadblocks and move into the life you want.  In just a few short months of working with Robyn, I learned to take time for myself, resolved life-long health conditions and manifested the work I have always dreamed of.

– Tina, Personal Chef & Coach


I had been dreaming up a class idea for 2-3 months and had not yet implemented it because I was stuck.  I did not know how to market it, how to name it, how to price it, etc.  Robyn turned all that around for me in the span of about 5-10 minutes! She confirmed for me that it was, indeed, a great idea.  She turned my plain-Jane “Yoga followed by Saturday Morning Smoothies” into a catchy, clever “Stretch It Out and Shake It Up,” she lovingly pushed my money boundaries, and I felt gently guided to develop a price structure for the classes that in the end, I felt comfortable with.  My Stretching and Shakin’ ended up being a huge success.  It was 90% full!  I have rave reviews and requests for more of the same!

Robyn, thank you so much! I am so lucky to have you on my side – you helped open me up to do the work I love and not have an empty room to teach to!  What a gift you are!

– Raya, Massage Therapist & Health Coach


I wanted to thank you again for all the support you’ve given me.  As I think back, I really had no idea what to expect from these sessions, and remember feeling quite anxious as I anticipated them.  As I began this year, I was in the midst of a profound career crisis, unhappy with my scuffling efforts to find employment, and also completely disenchanted with the lack of congruity between my previous professional vocations, and who I was as a person.  In addition, I was also dealing with family issues which weighed heavily upon me at the time.

One of first things I immediately appreciated about working with you was the way you effortlessly put me at ease.  You connected with me in an intuitive, organic way that really helped me to open up and begin to explore myself.  I liked how our first few coaching sessions concentrated more on secondary food issues, but then gradually evolved to focus more on marketing myself as a health coach, which clearly addressed those areas of primary food where I want to grow and flourish.

I think what I really enjoyed most about working with you was your gently powerful approach, which inspired me without making me feel as though I was being cajoled or judged.  That was very effective. I also liked the sort of role-playing and work-shopping we did around things like elevator speeches and target markets. These tools were really helpful to me in developing a marketing strategy.  So once again, thank you for all your support.

– Richard, Health Coach


As I reflect back, I have come further than I would ever have expected.  I went from eating frozen meals to now preparing my own. I can’t even eat what I used to love.   I have to say, my relationships with my husband and family have reached a better place.  After every session with Robyn, I always walked away with something that I could work with.  There is a strong benefit to having a health coach along the way through the process.  Thank you for your time, support, advice and encouragement.

– Janet, Health Coach


When I first began working with Robyn, I was skeptical.  However, she mentioned that if I took “baby steps,” I would be more likely to reach my goals.  Living in Manhattan, I find it extremely difficult to eat healthy while saving money, especially with my jam-packed schedule.  I always found it cheaper (and easier) to order in, rather than shop and cook.  Robyn and I came up with a plan that not only saves me money, but also has me eating healthier foods.  Now, I am more conscientious about what I eat and how much money I spend on meals.  I am accomplishing my goals and am looking forward to taking the next steps. 

– Adam, Financial Analyst, New York