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Do You Have Enough Time?

Do you ever wonder how you will possibly accomplish all that you plan to do in a day, week or month?  Do you always feel like time is slipping away from you?  Where does the time go?  Does time really fly?  We all know people who manage to get everything done and then have time to spare. It seems like their days have extra hours built in.  Do they?  Of course they don’t.  We each have the same amount of time in a day.  So how do we make the most of our time?

It may not be vital to cross off every item on your to-do lists, but it is important to make some time for yourself.  Living a stressed out, constantly moving lifestyle is doing damage to your health.  So, where do you fit downtime into your already packed schedule?  Think about how you spend a typical day.  Does just thinking about this make you feel exhausted?  It may help you to write out your schedule for a week so that you can get a clear picture of where your time goes.  Once you see how you spend your hours, you will be able to start thinking about how you can streamline your life.

Find at least one area of your schedule that you can consolidate, cut down or cut out altogether.  Do you spend hours in front the television or computer?  Click the off switch a half hour earlier each day.  Do you spend too much time during the workday chatting with colleagues and then end up staying late to get your projects finished?  Limit these chat sessions to lunch time or hourly water breaks.  Do you find yourself running errands several times in a day or week?   Plan to run all of your weekly errands at one time rather than spreading them out over multiple days.  By consolidating your errands, shortening the gossip fests and turning off the tv or computer you will find that you have time on your hands.  What could you do with this gift of time?  Would you read a book?  Would you take a yoga class or maybe a bubble bath?  Would you call a friend to catch up?  Would you spend more time with your family?

Time is what you make of it, so start making the most of your time.

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